The results are in! Last week we launched the very first MidSouthCon Costume Contest at Macedonia Films! Even though it was a bit of an after thought (next time we’ll use a proper camera), 144 votes came pouring in and we’re able to declare the winners.

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And now, your winners:

First Place: Airship Captain and Navigator

Courtney Brigance and William Chioggi

With 39 votes, Courtney and William were the clear favorites. Their classy classical costumes harken back to a bygone era of steam and grease, where flying ships, slung from dirigibles, navigated cloud and sky:


Second Place: Weeping Angel

Melissa Leonard

Blink, and you’re dead. Melissa wowed us with her Lonely Assassin costume, and apparently 25 other fans of the Doctor. She held perfectly still for the photo, but as soon as we snapped the shutter, she was gone…


Third Place: Big Sister

Shane Christopher Hudson

Shane’s costumes blew us and 23 others away. His attention to detail and craftsmanship are evident not just in this costume, but also his Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) get-up as well. The beat on the street is he’s working on a Pinhead (Hellraiser) costume for future cons. We can’t wait to see it!


That’s all for now. We loved organizing this, so tell us if you’d like to see more contests in the future: click here to let us know what kind of content you’d like to see on our Facebook page.

Peace out!

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