How well do you know your favorite movies? If you’re like me then I’m sure you love the actors and can quote your favorite lines. You may even know every song on the soundtrack, but do you know the man or woman who brought those movies to life?

Forgive my ignorance.

This post was inspired by my friend, fellow blogger, and filmmaker Rachel M Taylor (her film is called Avarice, ch-ch-check it out). She wrote a blog post about how she wants to have Peter Jackson’s babies. I know who Peter Jackson is now, but at the beginning of our friendship this was not the case.

Rachel’s love of Peter Jackson, or rather her love of his work, runs deep, but I had no idea who the guy was. Or at least I thought I didn’t. I pretended to know exactly who she was talking about while secretly IMDBing him on my iPhone. I discovered that he directed the freaking Lord of the Rings Trilogy!

Those are 3 of my all time favorite movies. How the crap did I not know that?! Don’t judge me, I was too busy staring at Legolas to find out who the director was. (Don’t lie, you were too!) I am apparently a huge fan of Peter Jackson and didn’t even know it. This got me thinking…I don’t know who directed a lot of my favorite films.

I did some digging and here’s what I found:

Lasse Hallstrom

Ever hear of him? Me neither. Lasse Hallstrom was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1946. He got his start making music videos for Abba. Yep, Dancing Queen was his handy work.

He first hit it big in America with What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and was then nominated for an Academy Award for directing The Cider House Rules. Younger people would know him for directing Dear John. (Channing Tatum anyone?)

He has won many awards for his work but has yet to win the Oscar despite being nominated twice.

Martin Campbell

Martin Campbell is awesome! I just found that out. He was born in New Zealand but began his career in London as a cameraman. He worked his way up and gained some notoriety at the Cannes Film Festival with his film Black Joy.

He became one of London’s top directors in the 80’s until he brought his genius stateside and started making films like The Mask of Zorro, GoldenEye, and Casino Royale.

He recently directed The Green Lantern, which I’ll admit wasn’t my favorite, but I’ll watch pretty much any comic book movie they decide to make these days. I’ll also watch pretty much any movie with Ryan Reynolds in it…just saying.

Joe Wright

Okay, try not to bash me too much on this one. I know I should’ve known who Joe Wright is. He directed my #1 all time favorite movie in all the land: Pride and Prejudice (the Kiera Knightly one).

But that’s not all.

He makes BEAUTIFUL films! Films like Atonement, Hanna, and The Soloist. The man is a genius! In 2007 he became the youngest director in history to have a film open the Venice Film Festival. It was Atonement. Seriously, see it if you haven’t.

Next, he is taking on the beast that is Anna Karenina. I can’t wait to see it. Joe Wright is to me what Peter Jackson is to Rachel. I don’t think I want his babies though.


These may all be directors that you have heard of but they’re new to me. I’m sure there are some new ones to you too. So watch the credits, or at least IMDB your favorite movies. Find out who these people are. Loving your favorite actor/actress is great but it’s the people behind the camera that are the true artists. Get to know them.

Who are some of your favorite Directors?

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