Sorry fellas, I know you’re all geeking out over the epic manliness that is The Avengers movie, but I’m here to burst your nerdy little bubbles. Are you ready?

The Avengers is a chick flick!

Now before you go all “HULK SMASH” on me, allow me to state my case.

Reason #1: It’s a film full of hotties

The Avengers is made up of 5 severely gorgeous men. They range from the pure stud-muffinry of Thor to the everyday man of Captain America.

Yes, the movie does have explosions and monsters and awesome fight scenes which is basically the definition of a Dude Movie, but it also has these heroes who became the men they are because they once loved a woman. Thor has Jane Foster, Captain America had Margaret Carter, Iron Man has Pepper Potts, The Hulk has Betty Ross, and Hawkeye has Natasha Romanoff, aka, the Black Widow.

Chicks eat that stuff up!

Reason #2: Every girl loves a bad boy

From Tony Stark (Iron Man), the cocky, wealthy, powerful man with razor wit, to the brilliant mind of Bruce Banner (Hulk), who struggles with his own personal demon, every lady is sure to find their “type,” or at least their favorite hero to swoon over.

Couple that with the fact that these men are running around with their bulging muscles bursting out of their too-tight outfits and you have a movie that all women are sure to love.

Reason #3: It’s got a strong female lead

Scarlet Johansson plays Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), a soviet spy and all around badass. She is tasked with recruiting the heroes to join the Avengers. She is tough, she is sexy, she is fierce, and she can whoop up on any one of those big buff men without even breaking a sweat.

It’s about time too, because I think I speak for all woman when I say that we are bored with the “damsel in distress” thing. What makes Natasha Romanoff so great is that she can hold her own among the hero’s while still being feminine. Her vulnerability lies in her love for Cliff Barton (Hawkeye). See guys, it’s even a love story!

So for all you boys who would rather eat a sweaty gym sock than watch a chick flick, I hope you’re hungry. This one is for the girls!

Where my ladies at? Will you see The Avengers?

Katie Baker

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Katie was born and raised on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. She thinks all dogs are boys, all cats are girls, and all giraffes are French.

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