I used to read books. I used to draw and paint. Every once in awhile, I even went outside. But that was when I didn’t have a laptop. And internet. No matter what I say or do, my time in front of a computer screen takes up no less than 5 minutes and often exceeds hours. It’s not healthy, as my growing rear-end can attest. 

Thankfully, I’ve found a number of “healthy reasons” to justify parking my behind at my desk. Educating myself on the intricacies of steampunk, the second industrial revolution, air ships, and the narcissistic personality disorder. Plumbing the depths of a sea of artists and their work. Watching Felicia Day try to practice parkour.

…yeah. That last one isn’t as “educational” as the rest, but it’s entertaining as all get out.

Underneath my “healthy”, “educational” reasons to stay in front of my computer, I really just want to be entertained, like anything else in life. And YouTube is quickly becoming the television source for the ADD generation.

Without further ado, here are 3 YouTube Channels you should be stalking regularly.

Geek and Sundry

The Felicia Day video I mentioned? It was on the Flog. She’s basically started not a channel in the traditional one-tune sense, but a network, filling it with… yeah, you guessed it: geek and sundry. Comedy series, gaming, comics and literature… geek heaven. Notable in my book are: Tabletop, gaming with Wil Wheaton, Written by a Kid (with a number of celebrity guests and directors), the Flog (especially when Felicia and her brother Ryon play through old games), and of course the Guild. But I’m discovering new content everyday. The Comics & Literature section has something called The Story Board with guests like Jim Butcher. Dude?! I’ll be tuning in to Season Two.



YouTube recommendations are a lifesaver. I wouldn’t otherwise know that Norm, Will, and frequently Adam freakin’ Savage host a show about tech and geekery. A box build with Adam Savage caught my eye and I’ve been addicted since. Adam’s Man Cave and prop paraphernalia are enough to glue any geek to their monitor. I haven’t tried the talk show, but the MakerBot builds, Adam’s prop breakdowns, some of the reviews (like the Oculus Rift test) and the couple of tutorials Adam’s done are reason enough to swing by for a visit. This breakdown of Bladerunner prop gun replica’s might be one of the most fascinating watches…


Screen Junkies

To be honest (pun entirely intended), I watch this channel primarily for the hilarity of Honest Trailers. As a filmmaker (and geek) who notices the stupid stuff even lauded movies do, I appreciate the dry “calling out” these major motion pictures receive. Of course, some are obvious. Like Twilight. But they also take on acclaimed hits like Skyfall. One of my favorites might be the Avengers…


BONUS: HISHEdotcom (How It Should Have Ended)

My favorite mashup of the superhero café.


What YouTube channels do you watch religiously?

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