I’m the furthest from a fashionista. Hand me a hoodie and a comfy pair of jeans, and I’m set. Of course, the hoodie I’m talking about is this one…

Geeks like to represent! What do you love? How much do you love it? There are hoodies, scarves, messenger bags, wallets, earrings, and of course, a plethora of t-shirts that shout our geek tendencies to the world.

Maybe I’ll blog about those later. But lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of watches. Watches I’d actually consider wearing.


Who needs a DeLorean when you’ve got the Flux Capacitor on your wrist? Okay, I know, DeLoreans are cool too. Transport yourself back in time (or into the future, I suppose) with this Time Watch. And for engineering geeks… it’s a build-it-yourself solder kit!

via the Maker Shed



Another “time” themed watch that recently debuted on ThinkGeek. Go back in time with the TARDIS as it spins into the void! To make it work properly, you’ve got to periodically sing the Doctor Who theme song.

via ThinkGeek (Sold out right now. They went quick!)



For a more “natural” approach, pick up this WeWood Jupiter Watch (also from ThinkGeek). I noticed it for its rich, classy look. What makes it geeky? It’s passionate! About wood! WeWood plants a tree for every watch purchased. All you sci-fi/fantasy geeks who also happen to be animal lovers (it’s a no-leather watch!) or allergic to metal, this is a great choice for you.

via ThinkGeek



For Victorian lovers… This beautiful vintage brass piece is just one of MANY you can find on Etsy. The pocket watch is making a come back, and not just with steampunk cosplayers. Investing in a good pocket watch is like investing in a future geek generation. You can pass your time piece down to them for adventures of their own.

 via Etsy



Okay, okay. For the HARDCORE steampunkers, here’s YOUR watch. It’s not even a watch as we know it today. It’s a sundial! This watch is not for the faint of heart, with it’s 2.5” diameter. And it’s not really for those living in cities with no sun. But it’s an awesome piece for steampunk cosplay!

via ThinkGeek 



Okay, technically, one of these exists. But you’ll have to wait until September to find it. The World’s Thinnest Watch (pictured right) garnered 1 million dollars for production with a Kickstarter goal of $200,000. Watch the video on their page. It’s sort of amazing. (via Cool Material)

The TRON Identity Disk Watch is gorgeous. And my heart sank a little when I learned it  was only a design project. But I’d buy it! The design is gorgeously geeky. (via Fashionably Geek)

[UPDATE: As if to prove my point, check out this entry on Fashionably Geek! Star Wars watches galore! Luke’s X-Wing Watch is kickin’!]

What geeky way do you keep time? What other geek-wear do you love?

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