There are so many vampires in our culture right now that I can’t even keep track. However, pre-Twilight frenzy, there was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is one of the better vampire stories out there. The genius creator Joss Whedon is a master mind at creating characters that we all fall in love with, and it always keep us coming back for more.

His vampires are no less complex than the humans in this series, and all the Buffy fans have participated in the debate for the past several years about which vampire was superior: Spike or Angel? Let’s take a look at them both up close and settle this debate once and for all.

Note: Spoilers Ahead*


Angel is dark and brooding and cares about destroying all the evil in the world. His heart is in the right place, but he spends the first three seasons of Buffy moping around acting like a sad little puppy. The only time his character was ever interesting was when he went evil and tried to kill Buffy and all her friends. At least then he was doing something with his time other than moping.

Yes, he is a great fighter, but he fights because he has to. He never really made the choice to gain back his soul and join the evil-fighting team. Other people (the gypsies and the Scooby team) made that decision for him.

His love for Buffy was definitely apparent, and he did make a difficult decision by leaving her so she could have a normal life, however much it actually hurt her. But they were a little too into each other, and it’s easy to quickly get sick of the dramatics.


This character went through more changes than any other character in the show. He began as a selfish, sadistic monster, then turned into a bit of comic relief, and ended as a warrior worthy of Buffy’s affection. True, he may have had some bad points since he tried to force Buffy to love him, but his love for her caused him to fight to regain his soul.

That’s far more impressive than anything Angel ever did because when Angel was evil, his love for Buffy could never overcome that. When Spike was evil, he made the decision to sacrifice everything to become the man she deserved. That’s a far bigger gesture than Angel’s leaving town.

Also, Spike is a much better fighter. He fights because he wants to. It’s true that a lot of his decisions are influenced by Buffy, but what girl doesn’t secretly want to turn a bad boy good?

So overall, who is the better vampire? My vote goes to Spike. He proved himself much more throughout the show. He was so much more mysterious, and his character had tons more depth. He pours out his heart in the musical episode, and we get to see that there’s a lot more to him than there ever will be with Angel. Plus, he went through so much pain and misery to win Buffy’s heart, and that’s just kind of awesome.

Who do you think is better? Which vampire do you think deserved to be with Buffy more?

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Rachel is a writer/director. She loves character driven movies and really good cheese.

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