UPDATE: The contest is now closed. We will announce winners shortly.


Wow! Anime Blues was a whirlwind of awesome. The vibe there was completely different from any other con we’ve been to and the staff made us feel extra welcome.

This past weekend we played a little game called Cosplay Bingo, and it was a smashing success. We couldn’t keep bingo sheets on our table longer than a few hours. We don’t want the fun to stop just yet, so we’re going to kick off one more contest!

Cosplay Showdown!

There are two ways to win:

Visit our Anime Blues 2012 Photo Album on Facebook.

1. Be the Cosplayer with the most ‘Likes’ in our album.

2. Correctly identify the most characters/shows in the comments and/or tag the most Cosplayers. Only the first comment and tag on each photo will be counted.

The contest closes Sunday, June 24th at 11:59 pm.

Winners will receive Delux Digital Downloads of our upcoming short film Avarice (available November, 2012, Cosplay Bingo winners not eligible).

Here’s a few of our favorites and why we think they should win (I may or may not have photo-bombed a few of these…):

Vash the Stampede

I love me some Trigun! The attention to detail in this costume was great, from Vash’s bullet riddled cloak, to the subtle squiggly bits in the frame of his glasses. This guy at least deserves some donuts.


Sit, boy! I didn’t see any Shikon Jewel shards lying around (probably a good thing since Memphis is now the 5th most dangerous city), but that didn’t stop this Cosplayer from strutting around as our favorite half-naked half-demon. I think Rachel fell in love.

Elizabeth Swann & Captain Jack Sparrow

Elizabeth Swann Captain Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean Cosplay
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Not only were these costumes top-notch, but even Captain Jack had Johnny Depp’s trademark swagger. The only thing not authentic about these costumes were their smell…for which I am thankful; I don’t think they had Old Spice deodorant at that point in history.

Halo Soldiers

I hate Halo for making dual analogue sticks the norm for FPS (I still can’t get the hang of it), but these getups make me want to pick up one of those blue zappy things and go to town on the Covenant. All those pieces are custom molded and shaped. Neato!

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