I was looking for a pair of flip-flops a while back. Most of them don’t fit my narrow feet. I thought, “why not make a pair?” So, I did. I bought one of those soft squishy floor mats, cut up a pair of tights, and made some cool shoes.

Sometimes we take ourselves far too seriously. I am resolving to dive into the ‘why not’s?’ and see what happens. What about you? What’s holding you back?

How about a “why not?”

Sometimes action produces the answers we are looking for while sitting in a contemplation mode. Instead of letting my “why?” dictate, maybe I should let “why not?” be king. Why not buy a big bottle of bubbles and see how many smiles you can induce in a random public place? Why not pay for the next few customers at the ice cream shop? Why not play cards with someone who is currently homeless? Why not start a conversation with a complete stranger and draw their portrait?

Acting on exciting ideas can prove to be a fabulous distraction to the ‘why’s’ that cannot be answered. I suppose this can be detrimental in a season when asking questions and finding solutions is important and key to positive change. Perhaps when the time is right, the clues will just unlock themselves.

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Why not take a risk? Why not decide to try something new? If fear is the answer to my “why not?” I simply cannot accept its validity.

I’ve discovered that the more times I just do the thing I have in my heart to do, the more confidence and joy I experience.

I once got a card from a friend of mine with the quote, “Jump and the net will appear.” I jumped when I quit my job in college to work for myself painting murals. I jumped when I bought my first house, my first car, quit my first “real” job to pursue my design business. I jumped when I ventured into production design without any formal education in film. I jumped when I painted on stage for the first time during a music session. I jumped when I led my first creative art workshop. I jumped when I got married and keep jumping to pursue the things that seem scary as hell.

I jump because, well, why not?

If I don’t take a risk, I take the same boring results I have had from this point forward. Why not believe for that net to appear? If fear is the antithesis of jumping, I have to take the leap.

What “why not’s?” have you been contemplating?

Sarah Hascher


Sarah Hascher is a native yankee, but wears her southern charm like a necklace. She designs, creates and moves like the waves.

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