An interesting thing has come to my attention. People have started following writers like they would follow a favorite actor, director, or musician. It makes sense, of course. Writers are the people who create the story, and when you find someone who can be trusted to do that, it makes a person want to watch everything that the writer has written.

It’s about time that people start following the writers. They usually get buried in the back of people’s consciousness. But now, writers have a reputation among the fans. Are writers going to be the new faces of our favorite stories? Will they come out from behind the scenes for their adoring fans?

Maybe, maybe not. But I do believe this trend is most evident in two categories: tv shows and sci-fi/fantasy material. It’s not limited to these two, of course, but this is where I’m seeing it the most.

Steven Moffat

Sherlock, Doctor Who (11th Doctor’s seasons)

I’ve never heard people talk so much about a writer as I have Steven Moffat. Doctor Who was really good before Moffat came on as a writer, but he found a way to turn that show upside down on its head and thrill the audience in a way that makes them cry for more when it’s over.

Of course, not everyone thinks that. Poor guy had to delete his Twitter account because fans of the show were harassing him all the time. Being a writer and keeping up with social media probably don’t mix very well. But he still has many loyal followers. I’m definitely a huge fan.

Joss Whedon

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, The Avengers

I hesitate to include Joss in this one because he is also a director and has gained a lot of followers through that as well. However, writing was his first passion, and that is what people always talk about when mentioning Joss Whedon. He has such devoted fans that I think most of them would probably follow him to their deaths if he asked. I definitely think Joss is a rock star. For more reasons why you should be a fan, check out 3 Reasons Why You Should Love Joss Whedon.

On another note, there are some writers who are infamous for their choices as a writer. So maybe not quite a rock star, but they’re still getting a lot of attention in the public, making it worth mentioning.

Damon Lindelof

Lost, Prometheus

This guy is really hated. He has been blamed for screwing up stories that people really cared about. Of course, you have to give him some credit for making you care. But by not being able to deliver at the end, he’s made a lot of people really angry. So much so that I know of a lot of people who out right refuse to watch anything he has written.

This just goes to show how much people are starting to care about good writing. In our world of many distractions, it’s more important than ever to be able to tell a compelling story that the audience can identify with. It’s not easy. If a person can do it, I think the writer deserves to be a rock star.

Who are your favorite writers?

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