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For the second year in a row I was invited to help create the digital backdrops for the musical numbers at the Tony Awards. Theater was such a big part of my high school days, so getting to build animations for Broadway’s top acts is a real joy for me.

For those of you who want to keep up with my work, here’s the four pieces I worked on (all hopefully cued up correctly):

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A few days ago my good friend Avra and I were talking about our love/hate relationship with the short stories of Flannery O’Connor. If you fancy yourself a writer, they’re the kind of stories you inexplicably love, but – in Avara’s words – leave you “very jealous…and a little insecure.”

What fascinates me is these stories quickly, often within the first sentence, put a tight knot in my gut, one that lingers long after I’ve put the book down. How does O’Connor do that? What magic does she breath into her words that twists my tummy ’round sideways?

To get some perspective, I thought it might be fun to examine the first sentences of some of my favorite O’Connor stories. Lets see what we can find.

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Poopie, poopie, poopie.

The social marketing peeps say you shouldn’t blog unless you have something to say. And, well, I don’t have anything to say. Unfortunately for me, we at Timid Monster have a bit of a self-imposed quota: two posts a month, each. We do it because we’re supposed to be building a community around our filmmaking, but our filmmaking at this point mostly consists of long, meandering emails back and forth as we debate what we should write about on the blog.

I know…riveting, right?

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Rising Fyre’s J Lazarus Hawk, Jamie Hall, and Marcus Kent Hamson took a few minutes (ok, a few hours) to talk with the Timid Monster team about our projects, past, present, and future, on their web-show IN FRAME.

In this episode, we share how we got started, what inspires us, what it’s like to be filmmakers in Memphis, where we’re going with Timid Monster, and many other things.

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The Timid Monster Cinematic Sideshow

The Timid Monster Cinematic Sideshow continues May 25th at the Alabama Phoenix Festival. This is new territory for us as we’ve never been to Birmingham, but we’re super excited to meet everyone.

We’re on the schedule to screen Avarice and John Gray in Room 3 at 1:00pm, Saturday May 25th. Be sure and stick around for Q and A with directors Dan Baker and Rachel M Taylor, as well as a few tantalizing details about our upcoming projects Aurora Centauri and the John Gray feature film.

See you soon, Birmingham!

Yeah, yeah. I can already hear my usual spate of friends: “you hate EVERY film, Iron Man 3 was AWESOME, what’s wrong with you??”

I didn’t hate Iron Man 3; I thought it was fun. But what bugs me is on the back of Marvel flexing its muscle with The Avengers, Iron Man delivered one of the laziest scripts I’ve seen hit the screen in a while.

Even if you don’t agree with me today, soon I wager, you will. If Iron Man 3 is an indication of things to come, you’ll do well to heed my warning and start looking for the new up-and-coming independent filmmakers now.

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Hello my patient and long-suffering Friends. A lot of you saw the Aurora Centauri hoopla last month. Some of you have questions.

I often tell the story about how on a junior high class trip I received inspiration from a lizard on how to make friends: warming yourself in the sun will get you nowhere; you gotta get up and do something…like climb a rock.

This post is for the crazies that are climbing the rock alongside me.

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I’m never very good at the ‘name your heroes and influences’ questions, but for some reason tonight I’m extra reflective. If you want to know what drives a man like me to do the things that he does, look no further. Here are three geeky things (in no particular order) that have influenced my filmmaking. Continue Reading…

I hate it when people ask “are you making a statement with that shirt?” No, idiot, it’s just a shirt and I like it.

Problem is…I do have reasons for wearing what I wear, they’re just super personal, and I’d feel like an idiot trying to explain them. I don’t know why I’m so self-conscious about sharing my thoughts and beliefs, but I want to change that starting…now.

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Mega Con – 2013