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I recently premiered a short film called Avarice, and it would be a great understatement to say that a few things went wrong. A LOT went wrong. It’s incredibly frustrating to work yourself to a point of exhaustion and to end up looking like an inexperienced kid with a movie while showing it to hundreds of people. Learn from my mistakes because I know I certainly did. Here are 3 things I will forever do before a screening.

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As I was growing up, Hollywood was the place every aspiring young filmmaker hoped to end up. I certainly spent hours daydreaming about what it would be like to work on a Hollywood set. However for me, independent film soon after became the next “cool” thing, at least for a teenager interested in film. I used to look for the Sundance laurels on every film I rented at Blockbuster and thought that a movie had to be good if it played at Sundance, and I soon began believing that film festivals would be the ticket to making it as a filmmaker.

However, times have changed and so has the film industry, and it would appear that the future of successful filmmaking might not be at film festivals but instead at comic conventions. If you’re a filmmaker, here are some reasons to check out comic conventions for your screenings.

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When I wrote Avarice, I wanted to make a film without dialogue to challenge myself to tell a story in pictures. I know that a lot of first time directors get stuck in the trap of relying mostly on dialogue to tell their stories, and the film ends up basically being two people talking in a room, which in my opinion is not very interesting.

So we set out to film my non-dialogue script, and on set, it made it so much easier. We didn’t have to worry about recording any sound at all, and that helped out our tight schedule quite a bit. I left thinking how great it would be to film all my movies without dialogue. But then came post production, and the dark, ominous cloud of realization soon settled overhead. Continue Reading…

It never fails. A seriously awesome tv show hits, the world loves it, and then they make a spin-off and it ruins everything. It could be a money-making gimmick, or maybe someone seriously thinks it’s worthwhile to develop the world of the show more deeply.

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I’m a geek. I’ve learned not only to accept that but also be proud of it. Who cares if people think you’re crazy for getting “too into sci-fi/fantasy stuff?” It’s so much more fun to be dorky than it is to be cool.

So I’ve compiled a very short list of some geeky characteristics, and it is my hope that fellow geeks will add to the list. Be geeky and proud!

So you know you’re a geek if…

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After two and a half years of waiting, the end has finally arrived. Avarice, written and directed by Rachel M Taylor and produced by Dan Baker, is now complete and will be soon be available for viewing. Join us for a viewing of the film followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.

And check out our new trailer!

When and Where:

Avarice is premiering November 9th at 7:00 pm at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention which is being held at Hilton Memphis, 939 Ridge Lake Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee 38120.

There will also be an encore screening Saturday at 2:00 pm for anyone with a MCFC pass.

How To Buy Your Ticket:

(Ticket sales are now closed.)

Can’t Make It But Still Want To See It?

If you can’t make it to the premiere but still want to see the film, it will also be available for download on the Macedonia Films website.

For more updates, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or sign up for our email list; we would love to keep you in the loop.

It’s been a long road for this little film, and we truly couldn’t have done it without you all. We appreciate how much support we have received with this project, and if you want to continue to support, we would love to see you at the premiere. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and we hope to see you there!

Tis the season of spine chilling tales and horrors that will keep a person awake in the night. To set the mood, it’s extremely important to have the right set of movies at your disposal. So don’t wait until the last-minute. You should definitely do your homework to prepare for the perfect evening of spookiness.

Here are some great Halloween movies to watch, and there is one for every kind of Halloween mood.

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The best part of owning a DVD or Blu-Ray is the behind the scenes featurettes that most of them include. Besides being just plain interesting, some of them can offer some very useful tips as a filmmaker.

Some of them will break down how they accomplished a certain effect while others simply film a tiny interview and call it a behind the scenes. So if you’re looking for something educational, definitely pick up the ones that break things down and explore new frontiers in filmmaking.

Here are 3 DVD extras chosen at random with information about what/if you can learn from them and apply the information to your own filmmaking. (Also, the rating is based on a scale of 1-5). Continue Reading…

The much-anticipated date for the release of Anna Karenina is almost here. Personally, I am beside myself with excitement for this one. It looks absolutely stunning, and most of us already know that it is a brilliant story which is well worth engaging in.

However, the book is absolutely gigantic. I’m a big reader, and even I thought this one was a bit lengthy. Not owning a kindle, I think I may have gained some upper body strength while carrying this book around with me for the past few months.

So if you’re not a big reader and are not likely to find the time to invest in the book, there are still some reasons why I think this movie may actually hold up to the novel:

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Let me begin by saying that I have no desire to cut down other Doctors. Everybody has a favorite, and that’s one of the beautiful things about the show. There’s a Doctor for everyone, and each actor portrays him a little differently, allowing us to see different aspects of this alien’s personality.

That being said, David Tennant is MY favorite Doctor. I do not want to persuade someone to give up their beloved favorite, so I am not trying to convince anyone that he is the best. For those of you who already think that he is, join me in discovering why his is the face we think of when we think of Doctor Who. Continue Reading…