Why aren’t you out catching something on fire? Shouldn’t you be smothering a charred meat stick with catchup? Why on earth are you online?! Well, since you’re here, let’s talk movies. Fourth of July-ish movies.

Do you have a movie tradition to mark the independence of you, me, and your annoying neighbors? Every Christmas I have to watch A Christmas Story , but my slot on July 4th is wide open. What are your favorite patriotic movies? Is there one you have to watch every year? Should I pass on that mayo that’s been sitting out since 10am?

It’s an Open Forum, so open your mouth… then type what you just said so we can read it… because we can’t hear what you’re saying.

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Here’s a few of our favorites:

Independence Day

ID4 was my very first solo excursion after getting my driver’s license. I stood in line outside the Video 4 on El Paseo in the hot New Mexican sun for hours, only to get stuck sitting next to some random kid that asked me questions the whole time. I didn’t care though; seeing an entire alien fleet go down in flames because they were Mac compatible still makes me grin.

The Patriot

Oh, Mel. I remember kinda liking you before you went all crazy and stuff. This is one of those films I haven’t been able to watch a second time. All that death and violence gets in my head and keeps me up at night. Flawed or not, a lot of people died bravely believing their loss would someday be our gain. Think about that next time you’re watching Jersey Shore. Now who wants to eat?! Hurrrray!

Red Dawn

I don’t think I ever watched this through to the end, but it is all patriotical and stuff. Basically Russia takes over the USA and some high school students lead a guerilla warfare campaign against trained soldiers. Stuff goes boom. Salute the flag.

Flight of the Navigator

While not specifically a Fourth of July flick, there were some fireworks… and I think some events happened to take place on or near the 4th. I think. There was also a sassy, talking robot head thing. I really need to watch this again.


Now go blow stuff up. Safely.

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