Macedonia Films is very new and very small but we have had what we consider to be some very big moments this year. These moments may not seem like successes to other big name film companies but we believe it’s these small moments that are shaping us, teaching us, and guiding us. Paying our dues has never been so much fun!

So, we’ve made the rounds at some of the local comic/fantasy conventions trying to get our name out there, but we weren’t making enough impact just sitting behind our booth. What we really wanted to do was connect with the hoards of super fans. Get them talking to each other which in turn will get them talking about us. Pretty clever, huh?

We came up with an idea… I say “we” because I’m a team player, but really this was my idea because I’m a genius and also awesome (I said I was a team player, not a humble team player). The people who show up to these conventions wear some of the most amazing, elaborate, and detailed costumes. It’s a beautiful thing, and what do businesses do with beautiful things? We capitalize on them, naturally!

Cosplay Bingo

Cosplay Bingo!
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Our first game was to take place at Anime Blues. In the weeks leading up to the Con we announced that we would be playing Cosplay Bingo and provided printable bingo sheets. The rules were simple: get your bingo sheet and run around like a maniac searching for the listed characters. Once you found them, snap a picture. Get five in a row and you can claim a prize.

MidSouthCon Costume Contest

I had yet another brilliant idea at MidSouth Con this year. With all the amazing costumes people wear there really isn’t anything more fun than a good ‘ol fashion costume contest. We took a bunch of pictures of our favorite costumes and asked people to jump online and vote for their favorite. The winners with 39 votes were Courtney Brigance and William Chioggi dressed as an Airship Captain and his Navigator.

These 2 are awesome and we can’t wait to see what they will do next year. If you think you can top this, start getting your costumes ready now because the competition will be stiff!

Pulp Ark MadLibs

We have lovingly named Pulp Ark convention Cow Con 2012. This con was located in Batesville, Arkansas. It’s a new and very small convention but the incredible Tommy Hancock pulled it off!

Now, Batesville appears to be one of those towns where there are more cows than people, so it was really no surprise that there was a big cow show going on just outside of where the convention was held. They had quite the turn out. Sadly it seemed that people were more interested in the cows than they were us, so…well, we got a little bored. We at Macedonia Films don’t do bored very well. Wanna see what happened? You sure? Alright…

At the end of the day we didn’t get a single email sign up or give away any of our movies, but we still met some pretty amazing people and had a blast doing it. We’ll be going back next year for sure!

Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention Plinko

Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention is one of our favorites! We have so much fun just hanging out with everyone, but this year we wanted to do something different. Everyone knows The Price is Right. And what’s the best game to ever come from that show? Wrong. It’s Plinko, duh! Dan and I spent weeks painting and building what we think is a pretty awesome Plinko board. I mean, check it out:

Awesome, right?

It’s so much fun! We had some pretty neat prizes that people could win. We’ll be lugging this thing with us to every convention we go to from now on (or until one of us breaks it), so be sure to stop by and try your luck!

2012 was a great jumping off point for Macedonia Films and we continue to get better and stronger. Thanks to all of you we are starting to make a bit of a name for ourselves and we couldn’t be more grateful! We have some amazing things coming up in 2013 and we’d love for all of you to continue to be a part of it so stay tuned!

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