As a kid Halloween was a time to dress up like a Princess or Spider-Man or Princess Spider-Man, stay up past your bedtime, and go take candy from strangers. But then we grow up and put such childish things behind us. Now Halloween is about dressing up like a slutty bunny and dodging projectile vomit from your friendly neighborhood drunken zombies… because we’re adults and that’s how it’s done. WRONG!!!

It is 2012 people and we are so much more than a slutty zombie bunny. We are brilliant, creative, original, and hilarious. Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Light up the Night

During Halloween there are certain traditions that we all partake in. We slice open our fingers trying to carve pumpkins, we dress up like a bunch a freaks, deal with the shame of having peed a little at a haunted house, and narrowly escape death while trying to hang lights from our roofs. Then there are these guys. They know how to do it right.

Every year the guys at Edwards Landing Lights put on the most epic of light shows synchronized to the hit song of their choosing. They have set the bar pretty high in the holiday house lighting field and continue to raise it every year. I do feel kind of sorry for their neighbors though. Gangnam Style is a fun song and all but I don’t think I’d want to listen to that all night long.

Dress to Impress

Ladies, I’m talking to you here. Just because you pin a fluffy tail to your bum and wear a bunny ear headband does not make it acceptable to wear your skanky lingerie out in public. There are so many other options out there than slutty police woman, slutty referee, slutty beer wench, or slutty Spider-Man. We can do better ladies.

For those of you who don’t know what awesome is, these are awesome people dressed as characters from Dr. Who. Seriously, watch it if you haven’t. I know, I know, there are no slutty weeping angels. Nor should there be. I don’t know what kind of makeup/plaster they had to cover themselves with but they look amazing! The kind of detail that went into every character is flawless. From the white chucks and brown suit to the bow tie and fez. I want to be friends with these kids.

If you’re not a fan of Dr. Who and you’re going for beauty over fun then at least put some effort into your make up. Halloween allows you the freedom to become someone completely different for one whole night. Why would you ever want to look like everyone else? Putting on a bikini and bunny ears just seems lazy compared to this. Step it up ladies and be sure to keep it classy.

Carve It Out

The standard for pumpkin carving used to be 2 big triangles for eyes, 1 medium triangle for the nose and lots of little triangles in the vague shape of a smile for the mouth. Somewhere along the way the standards were set MUCH higher. I mean, take a look at some of these

I don’t know the person who created these masterpieces but I applaud you. That is some amazing attention to detail and to make it interactive just ups the awesome factor. They shame my pumpkins.

This is what is so great about Halloween. It is the one time of year where you can step outside of yourself and try something new and different. It’s a time to go big without judgement or fear of failure because by morning it’s over and you can go right back to being yourself. If you decide you still like being yourself that is. It’s time to step up our Halloween game, people.

What will you be for Halloween this year?

Katie Baker

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Katie was born and raised on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. She thinks all dogs are boys, all cats are girls, and all giraffes are French.

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