Are you a wave or a particle? I recently read a description of quantum experiments in which an electron has been measured to determine if it functions as a wave or a particle. What they discovered is that when the electron is measured to deduce wave information, it functions as a wave with rippling effects.

When the electron is measured to determine if it reacts as a particle, it reacts as a particle. It is both particle and wave. The wave properties are not present however, when the particle measuring system is in place.

What does this quandary have to do how we live our lives?

This electron wave/particle mystery baffles physicists because they cannot understand the relationship between the electron being measured and the measuring system. How does that electron “know” whether the wave or particle measuring tool is present or not?

The very presence of the measuring tool or the act of measuring limits the activity of the electron. You and I, on a much grander scale, are this electron.

What measurements are we using in our lives?

So, as I read this account, I thought about the limits and ways that I have measured things in my own life and the lives of others. We have all heard how perceptions limit reality. Does the fact that “scientifically” this is found to be true give depth to the theory?

For those who are driven by study and recordable, measurable accounts, this can both expand your perceptions as well as baffle and perplex you. My awareness just grew an “unmeasurable” amount as I ponder the ways I have limited myself as well as others.

What ruler are we using to deduce information? Do we need a larger ruler?

I say, yes, God only knows the full potential existing in creation.

I must confess, it is tempting to pretend I know the way things would be best in my life and in the world. I, on the other hand, am rather small. My ways of measuring are not sufficient and therefore I resolve to release my tools to allow for a much greater measuring system.

Like a ping pong ball is this back and forth motion. We see greater things in our minds, believe for them, then release control and see what returns. Again we see what returns and if we are willing, we expand our vision and send our hearts back out. We must resolve to see beyond each time if we want to see greater results returned.

As observed in the quantum electron experiments, there is a crucial relationship between the observer and the observed. There is a crucial responsibility as well. The results will reflect limits.I suppose this is science accounting for faith.

So, the choice is ours everyday. Will our very presence, our very thoughts, our “measuring systems” be the limits that prevent matter from taking a new form? Can you be changing the world simply by taking limitations off of your thinking? I’m saying you are more important than you think.

Yes, I’m suggesting we believe for the impossible.

What possibilities are presently beyond our ability?

Sarah Hascher


Sarah Hascher is a native yankee, but wears her southern charm like a necklace. She designs, creates and moves like the waves.

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