I believe all of creation is telling a story, whispering secrets to us.

It’s so fun to find things in other things, like the layers in a painting. If we look closely we can enjoy that there is so much more going on under the surface, over the surface and relating in between the many faces.

I do believe in a personal God. One that enjoys sending special messages to individuals in big and small ways. Is it possible for a cloud to be formed just for you? Although it may be enjoyed by many, I happen to think it could be formed at a certain time, in a certain way to speak a certain thing just to you.

Below are some images I’ve captured:

Phoenix Rising From the Ashes


Butterflies Evolving Into Angels, Angels Evolving Into Butterflies


Love Chip, Anyone?


Worshiper, Scarecrow, or Worshiping Scarecrow?


I Heart This Tree


I don’t think we use our imaginations enough.

What ways do you exercise your imagination?

Sarah Hascher


Sarah Hascher is a native yankee, but wears her southern charm like a necklace. She designs, creates and moves like the waves.

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