For those of you that know me, this is a radical statement. I love, love, love Doctor Who! However, there is just something about this season that isn’t quite landing for me. Maybe it’s that I miss David Tennant. Maybe it’s because I miss the Ponds. Don’t get me wrong, I like Matt Smith a lot and Clara is pretty awesome, but there is just something about this season that isn’t doing it for me.

What is she?

There are a lot of theories floating around about who Clara “Oswin” Oswald is. She is the regenerated River Song, she is the regenerated Master, Clara is a human TARDIS, She is the daughter of The Doctor and River, or she is CAL from the Library. There are so many, and each one is more interesting than the next. All we know so far is she is the “Impossible Girl.”

I think this suspense if finally boring me. It seems like it is the only reason why I am still watching this show. My curiosity keeps me coming back but that can’t be enough.

Where is this going?

I miss the days of 10 when the story line continued. As much as I hate “To Be Continued’s,” they do make the show more fun. The suspense was fantastic. They made me worry about the characters, but I’m not so much worried about Clara. I mean, even if she dies she’ll just come right back.

Each episode has a beginning, middle, and an end. Which makes sense for most television shows, but Doctor Who is wibbly wobbly and shouldn’t make this much sense. They just seem to show up, save the day, then go home. There’s no build-up to each episode and no cliff-hanger to make you want need to come back.

Something to look forward to…

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is coming! Rumor has it they will be bringing back all of our favorite Doctors and their companions. I am unbelievably excited for this episode!!! Mostly I just want to see The 10th Doctor and Rose. Oh, how I have missed them. What if they find a way to go back and visit Amy and Rory?!!! That will blow my mind so hard!

As bored as I am with the suspense of not knowing who Clara is, I am pretty curious to find out the truth. My worry is that it won’t be nearly as exciting or complicated as some of the theories. What if it’s just something lame like a long lineage of twins? I mean, she can’t be a Timelord because Timelords remember their previous lives. Anyway, I will continue to watch because that’s what Whovians do. I’m just hoping this and future season will get better. Where’s Moffatt when you need him?

Is this a bad Doctor Who season or is it just me?

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