It’s interesting to me to study the statements individuals are making without talking. There are so many colors, textures and styles of clothes these days. Maybe I’m aware of this because I went to the thrift store today. I love looking through the vast array. Some people find it overwhelming. I tend to feel more overwhelmed when I go to the mall or store where there are many of the same items in different sizes. If I like it, they most likely have my size and that makes it an option. This is too overwhelming to me.

I digress; the purpose of this blog is to have some fun making assumptions about personalities based on wardrobe. Below are a few ways that I have categorized character traits. Maybe it fits, maybe not. Either way, be entertained and see if one of these profiles fits your mood today.

Are you what you wear?

The Bold and the Beautiful

  • Colors: deep reds, blues, purples, fuchsia
  • Textures and Prints: silks, satins, bold shapes, fabrics that flow and manipulate with the wind
  • Fit: loose top/fitted bottom, fitted top/loose bottom

You are not afraid to shine and to show that you know how to put yourself together. You appreciate being noticed when you walk into the room. You know what you like and you know how to state it. You are able to detect shifts in the environment. Nothing will stop you from delving with passion into the next venture.

Nature and Nurturer

  • Colors: greens, browns and warm golden hues
  • Textures and Prints: ribbed, crinkles and wrinkles, small prints, florals, solids
  • Fit: not too tight and not too loose

You have a smile that heals and people feel comfortable when you are around. You are ready to hug but know how to give space when necessary. You are ok if you are not the main thing in a group, and are able to cut out gracefully if need be. Children are drawn to you.

You are practical and down to earth in everyday affairs, but also enjoy daydreaming or pondering the deeper things in life. You probably have some hidden talents not many are aware of, other than those who are close to you. Being outside is the key to finding your center.

Simple Simon

  • Colors: grays, whites, light blue, navy blue, rust colors
  • Textures and Prints: cotton, jean, corduroy, knits, stripes
  • Fit: casual, loose shirts and regular fit bottoms

You are comfortable with yourself and choose your words carefully. There is probably a certain way you like to see things done and are ok that you always do things the same way. Others may depend on you for an honest answer and you seek counsel when in doubt.

You may be described as being meticulous when it comes to your work. Having fun is not as important as getting things done, and done the right way. Planning comes natural to you and others appreciate this in you.

Swift Kick

  • Colors: oranges, lime green, hot pink and black
  • Textures and Prints: stretchy, zippers, buttons, pockets, polka dots
  • Fit: close, styled

You are ready to take the world with sass and style. Your childlike nature may lure interesting people your way. You are quick and fluent with your words. Being in one place too long is boring to your senses. You are full of ideas and are quick to share them as well as you emotions with others. Music is a constant in your ears as well as visual stimuli such as magazines and shopping malls.

Which one of these do you identify with, if any? Do you have your own suggested category?

Sarah Hascher


Sarah Hascher is a native yankee, but wears her southern charm like a necklace. She designs, creates and moves like the waves.

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