So, I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately. I should say re-watching a lot of Doctor Who lately and it got me thinking as it often does. What if The Doctor regenerated into a woman? Would it still have the same appeal and who could play the part?

The Doctor is known as fearsome and funny, clever and mischievous; so I did some research on who I thought would be his female counterpart. I’m not entirely convinced a woman would have the same impact as Ten or Eleven but here are my top 4 picks for who could be the first female Doctor. In no particular order…

Saoirse Ronan

Here, let me help you out. Her name is pronounced like Seersha. I had to Google it. She is relatively unknown which is strange considering some of the great movies she has been in. Even more so since she is BRILLIANT in each one.

You would know her from such films as Atonement, The Lovely Bones, and Hanna, which she was unbelievable in. According to IMDB, she has like 6 others in the works including The Host based off of Stephanie Meyer’s novel. (lets hope its better than Twilight.)

For the most part, all of the characters she has played are very serious and The Doctor is well, not. But I can see her being very clever and witty and fearsome. If they ever decide to turn the The Doctor into a woman she would be my top pick. Plus, it would be fun listening to people try and pronounce her name!

Keira Knightley

I have to admit, I have a bit of a girl crush on Keira. Joe Wright is my favorite director and she is in nearly all of his films. She has been in Atonement, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Anna Karenina, and my all time favorite movie Pride and Prejudice. She is a fantastic actress with a great attitude and sense of humor. She’s a bit too A-List to ever want to downgrade to a television show but I think she would be great for the part.

I could see her as the David Tennant type. She would fun, exciting, and brave. She is however lacking in the awkward charisma department which is one of the many characteristics that make a great Doctor. Hmmm… yea, I’d still watch her.

Tilda Swinton

The Lovely Miss Tilda Swinton, however, is not lacking in the awkward charisma department. She is quirky, interesting, clever, and intimidating. Everything a good Doctor should be. Plus she’s a ginger! She would be a great Doctor. She is practically a Time Lord anyway. I mean, she has been acting since 1986 and it doesn’t look like she’s aged a day!

Most of Tilda’s films I have never heard of but, I am most familiar with her as the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia. How great was she in that movie?!

Helen Mirren

Pardon me, Dame Helen Mirren. Yes, yes, I know there are those who would disagree with her as a choice because of her age but, let’s not forget she would not be the first older Doctor this show has seen. Helen Mirren is one of the best actresses in the world if not the best so she would probable never stoop so low as to become a television actress but how cool would it be if she did?!

If you’ve ever seen her movies you would know that she is feisty, wise, hilarious, sarcastic, dignified, and fierce. She is everything! She has been in The Queen, The Debt, Red, and National Treasure to name a few and she kicks pretty much everyone’s bum in all of those movies! Man, if she was The Doctor, I would watch the mess out of that show!

So, I’m still not excited about the thought of a female Doctor. I mean, who would I have to swoon over? I’m not sure the show would survive given that it’s fan base is mostly made up of girls. Also, The Doctor does have a wife. That might give River Song a bit of a shock.

The producers of the show have not ruled out the possibility of a female Doctor but I would assume it’s not very likely. However, if they do decide to go for it, someone please pass this list on to them.

Who would you like to see as the 1st female Doctor?

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