I love me some Facebook. Being so far away from my family I love that I get to keep up with what’s going on with them and their kids. I love that it allows me an easy way to stay in touch with old friends. What I don’t love is all the crap that everyone is posting such a Facebook Memes.

I know you think you’re being cool when you post this junk but think about it. You probably found your meme on Facebook, liked it, then re-posted it on your own wall. The problem with this is that everyone has just done that very same thing which means we have all seen this same stupid picture a thousand times. No one cares anymore!

Are you inspired yet?

If you find something awesome and want to share it with your friends then I understand throwing it up on your wall. Sharing is caring. But when you’re posting some random “inspirational” quote over a stock photo for every status update then you need a life. Quite possibly therapy.

Life is hard, that’s a given, but if you need to have these up on your wall reminding you stay positive then you’re issues run deeper than you think. It’s time to re-evaluate your life and adjust accordingly.

Let me help…

  • Step 1: Shut off your computer.
  • Step 2: Go outside.
  • Step 3: Take a deep breath.
  • Step 4: Smile!

See? All better!

Your Ecards = Un-friended

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Make them stop!! For the love of grilled cheese sandwiches, make them stop!! What I hate most about this awful meme is that the picture doesn’t even match the caption, and most of the time they are so hateful that I think I may need to post an inspirational photo just to make me feel better about the world. It’s a vicious circle, my friends. Let’s stop this now before it’s too late!

I’ll throw a warning out there now, if this is all you are posting on your wall you will be unfriended.

Ermahgerd! I hert thirs merme!

OK, I’ll admit, I LOL’d a few time at this meme, but lets just put these back on Tumblr where they belong. Facebook was not meant to be a dumping ground for all the crap you think is funny, but that is what it has become.

Nothing makes me more certain of the decline of western civilization than Memes. Where is the creativity, imagination, intelligence, and originality that we used to have? I think if we all band together we can bring this trend to an end.

At least the Farmville or other crappy games everyone posts on their wall can be ignored. The only way to avoid the meme is to un-friend, and I like you people. So I’m asking you nicely to please stop posting this junk and maybe we can still be friends.

What are your thoughts on Facebook Memes?

Katie Baker

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Katie was born and raised on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. She thinks all dogs are boys, all cats are girls, and all giraffes are French.

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