Don’t pretend you haven’t turned on the soundtrack to a film and imagined that it’s playing in the background of your every day life. It’s ok, I think we’ve all done it at some point in our lives. Whether you’re humming the Star Wars theme and pretending to have a light saber fight in your house or imagining a montage of images from your life in rhythm with a song, there is always something out there that can fit whatever situation you’re in.

So what kind of soundtrack would fit your life? Let’s break it up into 3 different types of categories.


If you are doing something active like running for your life, setting out on a great adventure, or sword fighting, I would suggest some of the following:

  • The Last of the Mohicans: Epic sounding and patriotic, this soundtrack will make you want to run through the mountains and stand up for what’s right in the world. Perfect for making a big decision in life. Composers: Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman
  • Stardust: Adventurous with a romantic twist, the music for this movie is great for imagining and believing in the impossible. It will inspire you to try something new. Composers: Ilan Eshkeri and Andy Brown
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: This soundtrack has a very strong and deep sound that makes you want to pick up a sword and fight. If you haven’t turned on this soundtrack and jumped around the house and on top of furniture pretending to be Jack Sparrow and Will Turner, I highly recommend that you try it. Composer: Klaus Badelt

Quirky Comedies

Life throws some curveballs our way all the time, and you need a good cd to help you work it all out. Check these out and watch how they help ease your mind of worry.

  • Garden State: The songs for this film were such a driving force that they were pitched with the film to the studio execs, and they still remain in the same order on the soundtrack as they did when first presented. The songs are that awesome. Perfect if you’re going on a road trip through a small town. Composer: Various artists
  • Little Miss Sunshine: The soundtrack is actually a little random, but it’s perfect for the film. It has a very pensive feel to it, except for Super Freak, which is a new favorite of mine after watching this film. Great for family reunions. Composer: Various artists

Random Soundtracks That Have Nothing in Common but I Like Them So I’m Going to Talk About Them Anyways

  • Cold Mountain: Rich, soulful mountain music with classical sounds as well as bluegrass. Perfect for a trip to the mountains in the south. Plus, Jack White sings in a lot of the songs, which is one of the major perks because his voice makes my heart skip a beat. Sigh. Composer: Various artists
  • Peter Pan: If you’re in the mood to be a kid going on an adventure and discovering a world of magic, definitely go for this soundtrack. Or if you want to jump off the side of your house and try flying, this might be good for that too. (Please don’t actually do that and blame me for breaking your hip.) The best song is Fairy Dance. You can listen to it and almost feel like you’re actually dancing with fairies. Composer: James Newton Howard
  • Inception: Since the movie is about dreams, you would think this soundtrack would be easy to fall asleep to, but every time I listen to it, my mind is awakened with ideas and cannot be put to rest. I suggest it if you need to stay up late studying for a class or finishing a project. Composer: Hans Zimmer

What soundtrack would you choose for your life? Who is your favorite composer?


Rachel M Taylor

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Rachel is a writer/director. She loves character driven movies and really good cheese.

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