As I sit and type this, it’s hard to imagine there are hundreds of thousands of modern-day slaves trapped in brothels. I sip my coffee and browse Facebook, and somewhere, maybe just a few blocks away, a child is being exploited for money. A sort-of numbness hits me, as if the problem is so big, so frightening, and so dangerous that my soul goes into shock. I finish my coffee, wish a friend happy birthday, and log off.

When my Nashville friends, Bella Veritas, told me about their latest film, I was floored. Titled 10 Seconds, the film explores the humanity of human trafficking and sexual addiction. They managed to marry their passion for filmmaking with their heart for those in bondage in a way that makes tangible the fight against human trafficking.

Bella Veritas were kind enough to answer some questions about their project, as well as share some ways you can help fight human trafficking in your own community.

What is Bella Veritas?

Bella Veritas means “beautiful truth” in Latin. That is basically what our film production company was birthed on; bringing truth in an artistic and beautiful way. Bella Veritas Productions aspires to educate, inspire, and bring social awareness through the medium of film.

What is 10 Seconds?

10 Seconds is a short film that tells the story of the demand side of Human Trafficking as well as how Sex Addiction fuels the growing problem.

How did this project come about?

Bella Veritas has had a huge heart for the issue of Human Trafficking. We very much feel for the side of the victim, but noticed that there were no films telling the demand side of HT as well. We wanted to tell the story of both sides of HT, as well as shedding some light on the issue of Sex Addiction.

Has there been objections or resistance to how you approached the film’s message?

Most certainly. Human Trafficking & Sex Addiction are both subjects that are not easily talked about. They are not your average, everyday “water-cooler conversation”. Both subjects are not necessarily topics that are in the forefront of everyday life for most people.

Yet there are about 30 million people who struggle with just the sex addiction side, but there are also hundreds of thousands of American and foreign children that are sold into sex and labor slavery every year on American soil. Bella Veritas wanted to tell the story of these millions of people.

How can people become more involved or aware of trafficking and sexual exploitation in their communities?

Short answer, spread the word. Let these issues be known. Contact a local organization that deals with HT and ask them what you can do.

Or maybe you or someone you know are dealing with Sex Addiction. Educate yourself on both issues. There are a lot of amazing articles and books out there that explain Human Trafficking and Sex Addiction. You can learn how to recognize human trafficking and/or sex addiction and help those around you.

Even though both issues are not necessarily known by everyone yet, there are groups and organizations that you can help or receive help from. Human Trafficking and Sex Addiction are issues that do not need to be hidden in the dark any longer. Slaves on both sides need help and need it now.

How can people see 10 Seconds?

Bella Veritas released 10 Seconds on Friday, September 21st. They can simply go to the website and digitally download the film. We hope to release the short film on DVD as well, later this year. The DVD will not only have the 35 minute film, but also a documentary that we compiled that gives a more in-depth view on Human Trafficking and Sex Addiction through interviews with addicts in recovery and advocates in the HT field.

Join Bella Veritas in their fight for everyone trapped in the bonds of human trafficking: Follow them on twitter, like them on Facebook, and share the 10 Seconds trailer:

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