I love watching movie trailers, but I’ve noticed more and more that they don’t tell you much about the film.


I thought I’d watch a few and try to guess what the movie will be about just based on the trailer.


The Great Gatsby

I know of this book, but I’ve never read it so I know nothing of the story. Because Leonardo DiCaprio is in this film, it definitely is a love story and because Baz Luhrmann directed it, it’s going to look like everyone is on ecstasy.

I’m guessing they’re all trapped in a Cirque du Soliel show and Leo (aka Gatsby) isn’t very happy about it. He falls in love with a pretty blonde, as he often does, and they try to escape together with Spiderman’s…I mean Toby McGuire’s help.


I’ve never seen Alien. Shut up… I don’t care about Alien. However, I am about to marry a guy who loves Alien. All I know of this movie is that it is a prequel to Alien.

Judging by this trailer, it looks like Charlize Theron takes a team of hotties up to an alien planet. The aliens, being ugly, become jealous of the humans’ pretty faces so they blow up their heads and then decide to steal the spaceship and come down to earth. I’m way off here, aren’t I?


Another James Bond. I like James Bond but this is a terrible trailer. I got nothing from this. What the crap is this movie about?

James Bond doing word association therapy. James Bond shoots his gun. James Bond on a boat. James Bond with a girl. James Bond in a field with an old dude. Train crash! James Bond says words. 007! Am I supposed to care about this movie?

What movies are you looking forward to this summer?

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