Ever worked a job where the only joy you get out of it is knowing that the day has to end at some point? I’m there now. Do you have any idea how miserable it is being 30 years old and stuck at a job you hate?

I’m sure there are worse things and that I should be grateful to even have a job in this economy, but from 7:15am to 4:00pm I am in my own personal hell. At what point do we say enough is enough?

A Wasted Life

I don’t mean to rant here but I’m ticked! I am a medical biller who spends 9 hours a day trapped in a cubicle sitting on hold for hours just to have to fight with insurance carriers when they actually do answer. This is not my dream job. I am not cut out for the cube.

I was always mildly annoyed with the way my professional life turned out, but now that I spend my time off the clock with filmmakers I can see my cube has sucked all the passion and creativity out of me. I see my friends, almost all freelancers, living their dreams. They are excited and dreaming big dreams and creating new worlds in film. It’s a lot of work for them but none of them work in an office and they are all doing exactly what they want.

It’s made me wonder how much of my time is being wasted not doing what I want.

Breaking Free

So, here’s my first problem: I don’t know the first thing about filmmaking. It’s not like I can just quit my job and become a freelancer like my friends. I don’t have any discernible talent or skill that anyone would want to pay me for.

My second problem is fear. I am afraid to quit the job I hate so much. Like I mentioned, the economy isn’t in good shape and good jobs are hard to find, so it doesn’t make sense to quit just because I’m a little unhappy. Everyone is unhappy at their jobs…right?

Is that what our lives are meant to be? Are we supposed to be so driven by fear of not being able to pay the bills that we sacrifice our own happiness and quality of life? I think not. I think its time for all of us to stop settling for just getting by. It’s time we start thriving.

While I am not able to quit my job yet, I will make a pact with myself to find ways to be happy until I can quit.

What are some ways you have found happiness in your job?

Katie Baker

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Katie was born and raised on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. She thinks all dogs are boys, all cats are girls, and all giraffes are French.

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