Leonardo DiCaprio is by far my favorite male actor of all time. In my opinion, the man can do no wrong, but my opinion obviously doesn’t count for anything since he has been nominated for every award on the planet but has never won. I mean, try to name one bad Leonardo DiCaprio film. I can’t either.

Wait— that’s not true. I did not like The Beach. That was an awful movie. He was great in it, but the movie was so bad it made him look bad. That’s hard to do because, well, look at him. He’s so pretty.

Academy Awards – 3 Nominations, 0 Wins

Leo has been nominated for an Oscar for his performances in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Aviator, and Blood Diamond but has always come up short. I don’t understand it. I mean, he had to play a mentally disabled kid in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and nailed it! His performances in all 3 of these movies were unbelievable and yet he was overlooked.

Take a look at his filmography on IMDb. The films he is involved in are some of the greatest ever made, and that’s no exaggeration: Romeo & Juliet, The Departed, Titanic, Shutter Island, In-freaking-ception!! He has carried every one of these films. Yes, there are other big name celebrities in these movies, but can you remember who they are? I can’t. All I remember is Leo.

Scorsese’s Go-to Guy

It’s a well-known fact that all big-time directors have their favorite actors. Tim Burton & Johnny Depp; Jerry Bruckheimer & Nicholas Cage; Martin Scorsese & Leo DiCaprio. Leo to date has done 4 films with Scorsese: Shutter Island, The Aviator, Gangs of New York, and The Departed. And, there’s 2 more in the works: The Wolf of Wall Street and Sinatra.

That’s 6 – count ’em – 6 films, and Martin Scorsese is no small-time director. If Martin “The Man” Scorsese is a fan of Leo, then why aren’t those losers who hand out the awards? I’d give him an award…any award he wants. Wait— that sound’s wrong.

Getting By on Looks Alone?

OK, I  might be a little bias. Reading this back I’ll admit this is may be my tween crush talking, so I need your help to put things in perspective. There has to be a reason why he has been passed up for awards time and time again that I’m just not seeing. Is he just another pretty face with the right directorial connections, or is he truly a brilliant actor?

Is Leonardo DiCaprio a good actor or seriously overrated?

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