Mikayla House was a vital actor to the production of Avarice, but the weird part is that you never actually see her face in the film! Since the main character plays two roles, someone had to stand in and hold down the role of the opposite character that Haley Parker was playing. Who better to do that than our energetic and enthusiastic actress Mikayla House!

Her contribution to Avarice should not go unnoticed, as she was in the majority of scenes with Haley during several days of shooting. So although we never get to see her beautiful face shine in the film, we wanted to highlight her work and share our doppleganger with you!

Recently awarded an Allie Award for best actress under 12 for her role as Amaryllis in The Music Man, she can also be seen in various plays around Memphis, such as her recent role as Kate in Annie. Also look for her in an upcoming commercial for a new toy Ding-e Ding-e babies (from the makers of Zhu Zhu pets) scheduled to be released in the fall.

How did you get into acting?

When I was 3 years old I watched a play at my school. My Mom thought I was going to be very hyper, but I loved the play and stayed very calm throughout the show. Afterwards, I said, “That’s what I want to do!”

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to do for a role?

I haven’t found anything to be weird…yet

If you could travel back in time and be in any film, which would you choose?

Probably Journey to the Center of the Earth because it has a lot of action and drama. I like all the special effects.

How was your experience acting as the double in Avarice? Did you learn anything valuable that will help you in the future?

It was very interesting to see how they shot from different angles and used computers to make me look like the same girl (Haley Parker). I learned that you can’t  show your emotions with just your face.  Sometimes you have to use your arms, feet, and legs alone to portray the action.

What advice would you give to other young ladies who want to get into acting?

If you feel that this is what you want to do, get out there and educate yourself about the industry! Find a good acting class, dance, voice, agent, etc!

Thanks Mikayla! We appreciate you!

Rachel M Taylor

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Rachel is a writer/director. She loves character driven movies and really good cheese.

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