It’s illegal to carry on public transportation in some Asian countries. It smells like something died. Its taste is often described as a cross between rotten mangoes, putrid onions, garlic, and windex. It’s the one food that defeated Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern.

It’s also a cherished delicacy with aphrodisiac properties.

Yes! I’m talking about the infamous durian. And we took one to downtown Memphis, Tennessee to see who was brave enough to try it.

Hilarity ensues:

Dengan teks Bahasa Indonesia:

A few years ago I had the immense pleasure of traveling to Indonesia to teach multi-media production for a month or so. I absolutely fell in love with the country and people. They’re absolutely wonderful. When I got home, I was disappointed to learn that few people had even heard of the place.

Consider this, dear readers, your official introduction to Indonesia. August 17th is their independence day, so let’s celebrate with them by sharing this video!


PS – We also threw together a bonus video with some extra behind-the-scenes tidbits and outtakes. Enjoy!

PPS – We also also did one with just the reactions.

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