The results are in! Check out the winners of the 2012 MidSouthCon Costume Contest here.

Hola! So, we’re a bit late on this, but as we sat around a campfire the other night making s’mores, Katie had a brilliant idea: a MidSouthCon 30 costume contest. We loved all the creativity and attention to detail everyone put into their costumes, and we want to show them all off.

So, here’s how this is going to work. We’ve picked five of our favorites and presented them here in no particular order. To vote for who you think should win:

  1. First, follow their link to Facebook.
  2. Then, click the ‘Like’ button to ‘like’ their photo.
  3. Easy peasy!

Disagree with our selection? Head over to the full photo gallery on Facebook and vote for whoever you like! The winners will be announced on Monday, April 23rd.

Without further ado, our candidates for the 2012 Macedonia Films MidSouthCon Costume Contest:

Catwoman (DC Comics)

She’s lean, mean, and not afraid to show off for the camera. We love this Catwoman’s charisma and cunning costume. We’ve also seen her at Cons dressed as Ramona Flowers! Great attention to detail and energy landed her on our top 5.

Lego Zombie

I don’t remember any of these guys in my Lego kits growing up, but I guess times change… The head-piece and hands were well crafted. I don’t know where you can get such a thing, or how you’d make it, but I want one!

Weeping Angel (Doctor Who)

Don’t blink! You may not have noticed this Lonely Assassin, as she was likely quantum-locked in a corner somewhere. The attention to detail in her costume was staggering, down to the Tardis key in her hand.

Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)

Not only was this costume well executed, it had a clever feature. When Sub-Zero exhales, an icy could of icy vapor jets from the face mask. How did he do it? You’ll have to track him down at the next Con and ask.

Big Sister (BioShock)

This, by far, was the most elaborate costume we saw all weekend. I think it took 2 or 3 people to help assemble. Regardless, well done, sir! You creep us out in all the right ways.

PS – We’re a bunch of dumb-dumbs and didn’t get anybody’s names. If you are one of our nominees or know who they are, drop us a line, we want to give credit where credit is due.

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