Many of us who rallied behind Jason Russell and Invisible Children, who found a spark of hope for the world in Kony 2012, now face the difficult task of reconciling our zeal for the aforementioned and the tragic event that unfolded this past Thursday.

Coincidentally, that same day my good friend and collaborator Kent Smith was defending his support of Kony 2012, and had these very wise words that, now more than ever, seem necessary to share:

“I have been around the block enough times to understand that power grabs and impure motivations are a part of everyday business. I also know, however, that that very knowledge can lead to stagnation and apathy. I am intentionally choosing to believe in this one because, well, I want to, honestly. It is that simple. The stated cause is amazing. We are called to protect the widows and the orphans. The tragedy in these places is unspeakably horrific, and I don’t care if it is a flawed idea. The reality is that EVERYTHING is flawed. Every organization, be it church, corporation, non-profit, or government is made up of flawed people with mixed motivations. That means we must choose to support flawed things or choose to support nothing at all which would be the greatest tragedy.”

Those words cut me to the core because they’re true absolutely. Jason’s actions don’t change the fact that injustice is still alive in the world, that injustice is a human problem that knows no nationality or racial barriers, and that we are all called to end any injustice anywhere. Can we forgive Jason Russell for being flawed and broken?

I want to leave you with a few articles that I’ve found interesting. I hope you have the chance to read and reflect on them; they’re well worth it:

Questions: What do you make of all this? What heroes have let you down? Were you able to see past it in the end?

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