Just so we’re clear, I am not a Nerd. I’m one of the cool kids. I always have been.

Okay, so maybe I got good grades in school, and was never a cheerleader. And so what if I could name all the main characters of Star Trek and Star Wars, I still was not a nerd.

I was am cool so… Shut up!

This is way beyond Archie & Veronica

Being such a super cool person I never thought that I would end up making the rounds at comic book conventions. I mean, the only comic book I’ve ever even looked at is Archie, and they bored me to death. Comic cons were definitely not my scene.

I mean, how am I, a totally normal, super cool girl supposed to fit in, let alone connect with these people? People that wear silly costumes when it’s not Halloween and talk about their recent LARP battle victory or how hard it was to get through the Cape of Stranglethorn in WoW! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am in no way saying that I think I am better than anyone. It’s just that I wouldn’t know how to even begin a conversation with them.

Oh, the people we meet

This crazy new life I’ve wandered into has somehow led me to 3 (going on 4) comic conventions in the last 6 months and I gotta tell ya, it’s not at all what I expected! It’s full of fun, crazy, brilliant, passionate, and creative people. People who are driven and excited about what they do. They are also some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

It’s not just the fans that attend the conventions, it’s the vendors as well. It’s like some underground club. They all know each other and promote each others work. It’s an amazing network of silliness and we are slowly being allowed into. I’m not even going to talk about the super cool celebrities that show up. I met an Ewok last week, just sayin’.

Shattered expectations

By attending these conventions I’ve found that they are not just basement dwelling, superhero wannabees who are seriously out of touch with reality (no offense). They are artists, authors, illustrators, musicians, & filmmakers. They are pop culture junkies who just want to have fun. They are just like me— or rather, I am like them.

So maybe I am a giant nerd. You can call me that if you want, but in my head, I’m still super cool and comic conventioners are super cool too, so…shut up!

Don’t believe me? Check out the trouble we got into at Pulp Ark 2012 in Batesville, Arkansas:

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