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Do you watch some action movies for the hand to hand combat?

Like The Matrix, Kill Bill, and Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan movies? Do you have a hard time getting into fight scenes from most movies because the physical struggle isn’t very convincing or inventive and poorly executes simple self-defense ideas that you can’t ignore?  Well I do, and I can never leave it alone.  It’s an itch I have to scratch.

For me, animation has gained some incredible appeal for good fight choreography, especially in the realm of Anime.  But American animation has generally been inoffensive at best. At worst, it’s downright pathetic at executing any sort of dramatic combat. I sigh at just about every animated super hero show that has tried… X-Men, Spiderman, Iron Man, Ben 10, Hellboy, etc.  Even though most of their content may still have been good, the combat feels weak and clunky.

Enter Joaquim Dos Santos.

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I figured I would start somewhere close to my heart with these blogs.  I’ve been watching animation most of my life, often more than live action. I was kind of embarrassed by it at first. My parents and friends didn’t feel the same way and saw animation as “kid’s stuff”.  But my fascination with it never waned.  My best guess is that it may be attributed to how I learn.

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