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Planning on attending Anime Blues 2012 in Memphis? Like anime, cosplay, and anime themed cosplay? Well, well, well! Do we have a treat for you!

We’re always blown away by the costumes we see on the Con circuit, so taking a cue from the success of our MidSouthCon Costume Contest, we want to play Cosplay Bingo with you, and this time there are a few prizes to be won.

This is how it’ll work:

  • Click here and print your bingo sheet (or visit our booth at Anime Blues).
  • Find cosplay costumers at Anime Blues, snap a picture, and mark off their corresponding tiles on your bingo sheet.
  • Get a row of five (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) and you may be a lucky winner!
  • Bring your completed sheet (and photographic evidence) to our booth at Anime Blues.
  • The first three lucky winners get an exclusive digital download of our upcoming short film Avarice (Available Fall 2012).

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We’re Headed to AnimeBlues

Dan Baker —  April 16, 2012

June 15-17, Memphis, TN

Want to play Cosplay Bingo and win some prizes? We thought so! We won’t divulge too many details just yet, but you don’t want to miss it. We’ll also be screening John Gray and a sneak peek of Avarice. Stay tuned for details.

Will you be at AnimeBlues? Let us know!