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I absolutely adore movie trailers. I could watch them all day long and feel very inspired. However, most of the time I find that they are far more impacting than the actual movie, which is quite disappointing.

In the book Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald, he made a comment that struck me. When two of the characters kissed for the first time, it was the most passionate, exciting kiss they ever shared. However, it was not because of their great love for each other. It wasn’t even because it was the first time. It was amazing because they knew nothing about each other, and they were projecting on one another what they imagined was the perfect person. 

It was at this point that I realized watching a movie trailer is the exact same as being seduced by someone on a first date.

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The much-anticipated date for the release of Anna Karenina is almost here. Personally, I am beside myself with excitement for this one. It looks absolutely stunning, and most of us already know that it is a brilliant story which is well worth engaging in.

However, the book is absolutely gigantic. I’m a big reader, and even I thought this one was a bit lengthy. Not owning a kindle, I think I may have gained some upper body strength while carrying this book around with me for the past few months.

So if you’re not a big reader and are not likely to find the time to invest in the book, there are still some reasons why I think this movie may actually hold up to the novel:

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