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Hey hey! Here are the top five most read posts on our site:

  1. MidSouthCon 2012 Costume Contest
  2. How to Run a Successful IndieGoGo or Kickstarter Campaign
  3. What I Wish I Knew Before Shooting on a Green Screen
  4. What Every Director Needs to Know Before Shooting 
    And…a rare 3 way tie for 5th place:
  5. How to Create a Fantasy World on a Budget
    Why Drive is a Filmmaker’s Movie and Not For the Rest of Us
    Meet Haley Parker

And here are 5 underdogs that got overlooked:

  1. How to Create a World From Nothing
  2. On Finding Your Destination
  3. How to Stay Organized Without Interrupting Your Creative Flow
  4. Re: Jason Russel and Kony 2012
  5. Top 10 Hard Lessons Learned While Shooting the Glass

Here are the five most read posts this past month:

  1. 3 Ways the Hunger Games Movie Will Ruin the Books (Beware: SPOILERS)
  2. 3 First-Time Producer Mistakes
  3. If You Love Movies, Don’t Marry a Filmmaker
  4. Feeling Like a No Talent Hack? This Won’t Help.
  5. 3 Tips for Directing Children

And here are the underdogs, five great posts that fell through the cracks:

  1. 5 Ways to Escape the Chaos
  2. Tutorial: How to Create a Light Glint Effect
  3. Why Silent Films Have Such a Loud Voice
  4. Wardrobe on a Shoestring Budget
  5. Top 10 Hard Lessons Learned While Shooting The Glass

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