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Review: Warm Bodies

Jess Adducci —  January 14, 2013

Somehow, I’ve become “the zombie chick”. Alright, true, no one has actually called me that. But considering the glow-in-the-dark zombie play set on my wall, “A Zombie’s Guide to Zombies” on my shelf, and other zombie paraphernalia I’ve received as gifts over the years… well, I think it’s safe to assume. I don’t know when it happened. Maybe it was because I made a (horrible) zombie film in college? Is that really all it takes?

But somewhere along the trashed, postapocalyptic road, I started to really like zombies. And I started living up to my implied moniker.

When it comes to zombies in cinema, some might argue that the genre is over-saturated. But every once in a while, a gem comes out that makes the other B-movies worth sifting through. Zombieland did that. Walking Dead, venturing into the TV arena, did that. And then comes a love story about a zombie coming back to life after falling for a beautiful resistance chick. Warm Bodies.

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