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The way of the future!

A couple of associate professors and a grad student at Cornell University have developed a clever way of simulating the sound of cloth moving within 3D software.

Foley artists normally record these necessary sounds separately in a sound booth and painstakingly line them up with an on-screen character’s movements. Having been knee-deep in this process on Avarice, I’d welcome a little computer help!

What do you think? Could this someday replace the need for foley artists? What about computer generated foot passes?

Read more on Engadget.

Directing actors is one thing. But how do you direct a character that isn’t actually there? In Avarice, one of the main characters was the Light, a fairy type light that befriends the Girl in the beginning of the film. I had never directed a film when I started this project, and I certainly had never dealt with directing something that wasn’t even there, so there were a lot of things I wish I had known before going into it.

These are some little tidbits that I learned along the way that might help someone who is filming something similar: Continue Reading…

I just watched The Artist, and I was pleasantly surprised by how mesmerized I was after the first ten minutes. It didn’t feel odd to me at all that the audience could hear no dialogue. We didn’t need to. Everything that needed to be said was said through the picture and the acting. People say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that was definitely true for The Artist. Continue Reading…