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UPDATE: The contest is now closed. We will announce winners shortly.


Wow! Anime Blues was a whirlwind of awesome. The vibe there was completely different from any other con we’ve been to and the staff made us feel extra welcome.

This past weekend we played a little game called Cosplay Bingo, and it was a smashing success. We couldn’t keep bingo sheets on our table longer than a few hours. We don’t want the fun to stop just yet, so we’re going to kick off one more contest! Continue Reading…

We were in Batesville, Arkansas this past weekend for Pulp Ark, a great pulp fiction con that pulled together a lot of great authors and friends from other cons. We somehow showed up for the one slow afternoon at Pulp Ark, so we decided to have some fun.

Hats off to Tommy Hancock for putting together a great con. We look forward to next year’s!

Pulp Ark, Here We Come!

Dan Baker —  April 16, 2012

April 20-22, Batesville, AR

We’re traveling to Batesville next weekend with Joe Thordarson from the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention to be a part of Pulp Ark. We’ve never been to a Pulp Con before, but we’re happy to screen John Gray and a sneak peek of Avarice all the same. Filmmakers Dan Baker and Rachel Taylor will be on hand for discussion panels as well.

Be sure to stop by and say hello if you’re there, especially if you’re in costume!