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As Timid Monster’s social media… um… person, manager, whatever, it has been left to me to figure out how to best get our name out there and our films seen and I haven’t the first idea of how to do that. Here’s what I’ve managed to figure out. Basically there are rules to having a successful and effective online presence but there are no rules on how to do that. Does that make sense to you? Me neither.

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I remember when Facebook started doing the whole “status update” idea. I thought it was one of the most ridiculous inventions in the world because now people felt the need to share with the world what they ate for breakfast, which store they just walked into, and all the little mundane parts of the day that a person gets online to forget. I didn’t see the genius behind creating something where people’s voices can be heard.

So when the invention of Twitter launched, I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that the worst part of Facebook now existed in its entirely own website. I assumed that people must have been out of control, posting useless information all day long, and I never in my wildest dream imagined that I would ever join Twitter.

However, a desperate desire to be a filmmaker and create stories that inspire people will lead a person to a great deal many things they never thought they would have to do. I quickly realized that creating a Twitter account was necessary as a filmmaker to connect with our current (and future!) audience. I also saw the amount of valuable information being posted on Twitter, and it turned out to be far less mundane than Facebook. With a great deal of reluctance, I became a Tweeter. Sort of.

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August marks big changes at Macedonia Films and the Fall is looking fantastic. Avarice premieres in November, we have BIG plans for the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, and our first couple feature-length projects are well underway.

Before we get all carried away, let’s take a moment to look back at July. We wrote some amazing blog posts that we know you’ll love. Some did well, some never got their moment in the spotlight:

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Stay tuned, we’ve got a fresh batch of awesome-sauce coming your way!

In parts 1 and 2 of How to Quit Your Day Job and Follow Your Dreams we discussed understanding your why, and what kinds of goals you should be setting. Today we’re talking about establishing your platform.

Welcome to 2012. If you’re going to put yourself out there, you have to build a platform. Your platform is your soapbox, your megaphone to the world. What exactly it looks like is entirely up to you. Sometimes all you need is an email address, others may find they need to be on every service imaginable. Here are some of the guidelines that I’ve discovered both in research and practice: Continue Reading…

I love me some Facebook. Being so far away from my family I love that I get to keep up with what’s going on with them and their kids. I love that it allows me an easy way to stay in touch with old friends. What I don’t love is all the crap that everyone is posting such a Facebook Memes.

I know you think you’re being cool when you post this junk but think about it. You probably found your meme on Facebook, liked it, then re-posted it on your own wall. The problem with this is that everyone has just done that very same thing which means we have all seen this same stupid picture a thousand times. No one cares anymore!

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Oh, Facebook… Once upon a time, our favorite social-networking website was all about keeping up with out-of-state cousins and spying on people you wanted to date. Sometime in the last couple years, however, shameless self-promoters (such as myself) have turned the once colloquial community into a din of desperation.

But, so what? People can use Facebook however they want, right? Who am I to judge?

Here’s the problem:

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