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Since I was younger, I have had the ability (or perhaps the curse) to get completely lost inside a story. At the time, I didn’t realize that not everyone could do this. Not everyone can suspend reality long enough to be completely immersed inside a world that isn’t theirs.

So I didn’t understand why I felt so miserable after watching or reading something that I loved so dearly. Everyone else seemed like they could just enjoy it and then get back to their regular lives. So why couldn’t I?

It’s not something that a person would normally talk about. It sounds stupid to say that you’re depressed because the world you’ve just left isn’t real and the characters that you’ve spent so much time with don’t actually exist. You’re unhappy because reality isn’t like the movies or a TV show? Sounds a bit silly to you probably.

But it’s not silly at all. It’s something real that a lot of people face. And it’s very dangerous.

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The challenge is bigger on the inside. But many have become companions and gone on to become Doctor’s themselves.

Steven Moffat started as an occasional writer, bringing us breathtaking episodes like “The Empty Child” (meet Captain Jack and the creepy gas mask kids), “The Girl in the Fireplace” (which has had Who fans begging for more Sophia Myles), and “Blink” (the hallmark Weeping Angels introduction). When Matt Smith joined us as the 11th Doctor, Steven Moffat was coming on board behind the scenes as showrunner.

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I once thought that there could never be too much fantasy in a movie, but I’m really starting to think twice about that. It’s becoming a bit too common for movies to be all about the special effects. That’s been happening for a while now, so no surprise there. However, some of the fantasy movies that are coming out today look like the entire movie was shot on green screen.

I have a problem with that for a few reasons.

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