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I am guilty of placing too much importance on the big things. After all, I am a dreamer. I dream all the time, whether sleeping or not. In fact, I actually live from my dream reality more often than not. This can be confusing at times. I like to call it faith-and maybe it is, at least a great portion of it.

When what I see in the present world is too small, it’s great to see a far larger one-one in which magical, mystical things are always happening. The propelling factor in all this imagination is the concept of seed. Continue Reading…

On Finding Your Destination

Dan Baker —  March 12, 2012

Where’s your destination?

That’s the little tag-line on our website right now. I labored for ages over it, employed clever friends to write their own take, and did loads of research on the subject of marketing and wordsmithing. For the longest time, no tag-line seemed to fit; we were still searching for what Macedonia Films was. Continue Reading…