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Best of Halloween 2012

Katie Baker —  October 25, 2012

As a kid Halloween was a time to dress up like a Princess or Spider-Man or Princess Spider-Man, stay up past your bedtime, and go take candy from strangers. But then we grow up and put such childish things behind us. Now Halloween is about dressing up like a slutty bunny and dodging projectile vomit from your friendly neighborhood drunken zombies… because we’re adults and that’s how it’s done. WRONG!!!

It is 2012 people and we are so much more than a slutty zombie bunny. We are brilliant, creative, original, and hilarious. Let me show you what I’m talking about. Continue Reading…

Tis the season of spine chilling tales and horrors that will keep a person awake in the night. To set the mood, it’s extremely important to have the right set of movies at your disposal. So don’t wait until the last-minute. You should definitely do your homework to prepare for the perfect evening of spookiness.

Here are some great Halloween movies to watch, and there is one for every kind of Halloween mood.

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