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Are our day jobs killing us? Katie asked this very question a while back, and I felt it warranted a follow-up.

In the Fall of 2011 I walked away from a secure, good paying job to pursue my dream of making films. As of this writing it’s been about nine months. There have been many difficulties, but the steps I took to test and prepare for this decision are really paying off.

If you’re itching to do the same but are not sure how to proceed, or are afraid you’re making a huge mistake, I want to invite you along for my very first multi-part blog series: How to Quit Your Day Job and Follow Your Dreams. Continue Reading…

If you’ve worked with me you know I like to do as much in camera as possible. The computer has it’s uses, but digital effects will always lack the complexity and randomness of organic, live-action special effects. Think I’m a bit of a dinosaur? Check out the behind the scenes features on any J.J. Abrams or Guillermo del Toro film.

Needing to add light glints to a number of props in our short-film Avarice, the initial thought was to use Adobe AfterEffects and some manner of plugin, perhaps Red Giant Software’s Starglow (part of the Trapcode Suite). While this would have worked, it would have looked computer generated…AKA fake.

What was our solution? Continue Reading…