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So it’s my birthday tomorrow and it’s usually around this time of year that I get to thinking about all I haven’t accomplished in my life and all that I want to. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon this year and write out my bucket list.

The problem I have is that the standard bucket list fare of traveling, skydiving, and running a marathon all seem great but well, kind of ordinary. If you’re like me and you love the silly, whimsical, and random things in life then be sure to add these to your bucket list.

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We’re a little late on this one, I’ll admit. The plan was to pass around a chain email and review a film (or in this case, a collection of shorts) as a group, offering our differing perspectives and views. Buuuuut our group is composed primarily of right-brained artist types…who aren’t typically known for following through on things. Sorry.

For your consideration, I give you our group review of the 2012 Oscar Nominated Live Action Short-Films: Pentecost, Raju, Time Freak, The Shore and Tuba Atlantic:

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