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Today is a special treat for me, because I get to introduce you to my friend and collaborator Kent Smith. I met Kent through Continuum Arts and we’ve been itching to work together on a film ever since.

Kent’s passion for film and musical sensibilities are the perfect combination of ninja and secret agent. When Rachel Taylor pitched Avarice to me, I knew it was the perfect project for Kent to score. Don’t believe me? I asked him some probing questions below, read on and see for yourself:

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Many of us who rallied behind Jason Russell and Invisible Children, who found a spark of hope for the world in Kony 2012, now face the difficult task of reconciling our zeal for the aforementioned and the tragic event that unfolded this past Thursday.

Coincidentally, that same day my good friend and collaborator Kent Smith was defending his support of Kony 2012, and had these very wise words that, now more than ever, seem necessary to share:

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