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Yeah, yeah. I can already hear my usual spate of friends: “you hate EVERY film, Iron Man 3 was AWESOME, what’s wrong with you??”

I didn’t hate Iron Man 3; I thought it was fun. But what bugs me is on the back of Marvel flexing its muscle with The Avengers, Iron Man delivered one of the laziest scripts I’ve seen hit the screen in a while.

Even if you don’t agree with me today, soon I wager, you will. If Iron Man 3 is an indication of things to come, you’ll do well to heed my warning and start looking for the new up-and-coming independent filmmakers now.

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As I sit and type this, it’s hard to imagine there are hundreds of thousands of modern-day slaves trapped in brothels. I sip my coffee and browse Facebook, and somewhere, maybe just a few blocks away, a child is being exploited for money. A sort-of numbness hits me, as if the problem is so big, so frightening, and so dangerous that my soul goes into shock. I finish my coffee, wish a friend happy birthday, and log off.

When my Nashville friends, Bella Veritas, told me about their latest film, I was floored. Titled 10 Seconds, the film explores the humanity of human trafficking and sexual addiction. They managed to marry their passion for filmmaking with their heart for those in bondage in a way that makes tangible the fight against human trafficking.

Bella Veritas were kind enough to answer some questions about their project, as well as share some ways you can help fight human trafficking in your own community.

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