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Have you seen the “fan-made” trailer for John Carter of Mars? People have been lauding it for its passion and devotion to Edgar Rice Burrough’s original story, but did you know it was made by Kerry Conran, director of famous cinema catastrophe Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow?

It’s true! This “fan-made” trailer was actually a pitch video Conran put together to sell his version of John Carter to the studios. You can clearly see Conran’s passion and energy for the material, but would history repeat itself? Apparently the studios though so because as we all know, it was Pixar’s Andrew Stanton that helmed the big-screen adaptation.

What’s your take on all that? Would Conran have made a better film or would it have been as wooden and lifeless as Sky Captain? Would Joss Whedon fans have gone to see it or would they have stayed home to marathon Firefly…again?

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