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I notice things- small things. Taking the time to notice symbolism in the world can bring a great delight. In films, which mimic the real world, I believe the importance of representing the person, theme and feel of a scene through proper prop selection is essential to the overall effectiveness of the message.

A prop is a small tool in the use of telling an overall story. Some may be more essential for the script that another, but each one can tell its own story and create more depth to the overarching thread. Continue Reading…

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Let me set the stage: It’s 2009. John Gray just won the first round at The Doorpost Film Project. Doorpost awarded us $30,000 to make a follow up film, more money than any of us had dreamed of before (and the team was P-U-M-P-E-D). It was electric.

But, we had no idea we were heading into one of the worst filmmaking experiences of our lives. The resulting film was called The Glass, and no, it’s not online, or on DVD, or anywhere else you can watch it.

So, what happened? Theories abound and it’s not worth dwelling on any of them, but what I can do is look back and identify my mistakes and learn what I can from them.

I present to you: 10 hard lessons learned while shooting The Glass.

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