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I talk all the time about how we are losing the ability to tell stories. That much is apparently obvious in the overload of fluffed up and meaningless nonsense that hits the screens every week. It’s frustrating when every movie is either a lazily written super hero movie or one that is entirely dependent on the amount of explosions or risqué humor squeezed into it.

However, maybe not all of the blame should be put on the filmmakers. Maybe the audience is truly losing the ability to see and appreciate stories like we once did. Why might this be the case?

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It always happens. A great piece of literature is announced as the next big movie of the year. Hopes rise and expectations soar. The anticipation becomes absolutely unbearable. Then finally, the day arrives when your beloved characters spring into cinematic existence to draw you more fully into the story you know and love. Only one problem. Most of the time, it sucks.

F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of my favorite authors. The way he wrote characters astounds me with every book and short story I read of his, and The Great Gatsby is one of the best.

Setting aside any expectation or apprehension that I might have about the movie, I believe that this is the right year for this story to re-emerge. As long as the movie holds up, it has great potential to really hit home with our present day society. Here’s why.

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I love watching movie trailers, but I’ve noticed more and more that they don’t tell you much about the film.


I thought I’d watch a few and try to guess what the movie will be about just based on the trailer.


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