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Review: Warm Bodies

Jess Adducci —  January 14, 2013

Somehow, I’ve become “the zombie chick”. Alright, true, no one has actually called me that. But considering the glow-in-the-dark zombie play set on my wall, “A Zombie’s Guide to Zombies” on my shelf, and other zombie paraphernalia I’ve received as gifts over the years… well, I think it’s safe to assume. I don’t know when it happened. Maybe it was because I made a (horrible) zombie film in college? Is that really all it takes?

But somewhere along the trashed, postapocalyptic road, I started to really like zombies. And I started living up to my implied moniker.

When it comes to zombies in cinema, some might argue that the genre is over-saturated. But every once in a while, a gem comes out that makes the other B-movies worth sifting through. Zombieland did that. Walking Dead, venturing into the TV arena, did that. And then comes a love story about a zombie coming back to life after falling for a beautiful resistance chick. Warm Bodies.

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So, if you haven’t been living under a rock you would have heard that the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. It’s all over the news. People’s faces are literally being eaten off! Whether you believe in the Zombie Apocalypse or not (I definitely do not) it’s clear that our world has taken a whole new, twisted, turn for the worst and think it’s best to be prepared.

Listed below will be highlights from some of my favorite zombie movies. I will tell you what I’ve learned from them in the hopes that my knowledge will one day save someone from zombification. Take notes if you have to.

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The results are in! Check out the winners of the 2012 MidSouthCon Costume Contest here.

Hola! So, we’re a bit late on this, but as we sat around a campfire the other night making s’mores, Katie had a brilliant idea: a MidSouthCon 30 costume contest. We loved all the creativity and attention to detail everyone put into their costumes, and we want to show them all off.

So, here’s how this is going to work. We’ve picked five of our favorites and presented them here in no particular order. To vote for who you think should win:

  1. First, follow their link to Facebook.
  2. Then, click the ‘Like’ button to ‘like’ their photo.
  3. Easy peasy!

Disagree with our selection? Head over to the full photo gallery on Facebook and vote for whoever you like! The winners will be announced on Monday, April 23rd.

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