The Dark Knight rises again at midnight. So what does that mean? In internet circles, it’s already old hat! Done. Spent. So what’s next? A reboot, of course!

DC is trying to scrape together a Justice League movie. It’s not exactly the biggest secret in the world. It seems like they’ve been trying to establish their superheroes for a while only to fail miserably. Let’s take stock before we get around to the Bat’s fate.

Superman Returns

Well. He didn’t really return, did he? Though not a complete failure of a film, the Superman reboot released to lukewarm reviews. DC could have gotten the jump on Marvel in the Event Movie arena; but alas, Bryan Singer made a thinly veiled homage to the original Superman that only reminded us how much we missed Christopher Reeve. FAIL. (Now, they’re trying to reboot it again. We shall see how that goes……..)

Wonder Woman

A number of Wonder Woman projects have been lost to Development Hell over the years. Including one by JOSS WHEDON. I could stamp this with a FAIL right now. But I’ll finish. Though a movie has never gotten off the ground, a TV Series went to Pilot… created by David E. Kelley. Yes, folks. The guy behind all your favorite legal dramas decided to take on Wonder Woman. What happened? An incredible amount of FAIL.

Green Lantern

And last, but certainly not least… sigh. Green. Lantern. It’s hard for me to articulate the sheer amount of FAIL in this movie. Ryan Reynolds. Blake Lively. Convoluted story. Not enough Space. Too much Earth. Horrible effects. Bloated budget. And audience reaction? Meh. That alone makes this horrible movie a total failure. But let’s go for broke! The brilliant six writer team behind this piece of junk has been split up and assigned to resurrect The Flash and Wonder Woman for the build-up to a Justice League movie. (Only four of the scribes are involved). There are no words. Well, maybe one. FAIL.

So… what of the Bat?

Well, it’s been made clear that The Dark Knight Rises will be Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film. (Though Christian Bale said he’d come back if Nolan wanted to do another.) And like a scorned ex-girlfriend, DC is tossing it’s hair and saying “Fine! We don’t need your Batman anyway! We’re going to get our own!” (Though really, they’re in cahoots. Nolan will be producing the Batman reboot.)

So DC is going to establish a new Batman for their Justice League Extravaganza. There’s already been speculation. (Comicbookmovie.comio9.comMTV) Some flat-out don’t want it. DC is screaming that they need a new Batman for their Justice League. They see it as an opportunity for a new filmmaker to give their spin to the Bats. But really, they want a Batman that’ll play well with the other DC heroes and their movies. A piece to a larger Justice League puzzle.

Sigh. Well, if you must, you must. But please don’t call up Joel Schumacher again, okay DC? Every time a Bat Suit has nipples, a demon gets its horns.

What do you think? Should they leave everything alone? Or are you looking forward to a new spin on the millionaire playboy turned vigilante?

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